Name: Chris Bernhard
Birthday: 17.12.1977
Style: Dark Melodic Minimal, Melodic Techno, Melodic House, Deep
Labels: Traum / DarkCrow Records / DTL Records
Living in: Heppenheim, Germany

When Chris attended his first rave in his youth, he was struck by the driving bass and the energy of the party crowd. Then he decided to produce electronic music himself, bought a Roland MC-505 Groovebox and an Access Virus Indigo. The first successes in the charts were not long in coming.

He sold his hardware and only produces purely digital and exclusively with the Native Instruments Maschine. Releases on DTL-Records and Dark Crow Records followed, some self-releases, and a track on the well-known series "Tour de Traum" by Traum Schallplatten. His first 14-track debut album "Black Sheep" was released on 21.06.2022 on all major platforms.

Chris can be heard regularly on DigitalXRadio Frankfurt and and hopefully will soon be behind the DJ mixer in various clubs. His driving, melodic sets contain only tracks that were produced by himself. He calls his style "Dark Melodic Minimal".

When he isn't sitting in front of his computer producing or programming, you can meet him at raves in the area or in his former home base Frankfurt am Main and in the vineyards of his adopted home of Heppenheim.